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Is it legitimate?

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Is it legitimate?

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Politics / Re: Davido Reacts To List Of Contributors To Cacovid Relief Fund by Stephen: 08:00pm On 4 Apr
Should a Central Bank be able to \"donate\"?

Politics / Davido Reacts To List Of Contributors To Cacovid Relief Fund by Stephen: 07:58pm On 4 Apr
by lalasticlala ( m ): 7:40pm On Apr 05
Here is a list of contributors to CACOVID relief fund as at April 1, 2020 as Davido reacts.
Reacting to the list via his Twitter handle, Davido wrote:
❀️ to everyone else that contributed !! Now let’s make sure the government put these funds to use !!!
Dangote had earlier explained CACOVID:
\"CACOVID(Coalition Against COVID-19) is an initiative that I am leading with other private sector leaders&our common goal is to support ongoing Government initiatives with our resources in the fight against Covid-19. We are in this together & I am optimistic we will overcome.\"
Meanwhile, Otedola also reacted to the list and revealed that he has fulfilled his 1 billion naira donation promise made earlier.

COVID-19 / Kwara Records Two Coronavirus Cases by Stephen: 07:53pm On 4 Apr

youngyusuff6 ( m ): 6:56pm
The Kwara State Government has confirmed two cases of Coronavirus in the state.
This was announced in a statement by Chief Press Secretary to the state governor, who also doubles as spokesperson for the technical committee on COVID-19, Rafiu Ajakaye.
This is coming days after the index case of the virus died.
The state government however, denied the index case.
One of the two cases recorded include wife of the index case while the second person is a returnee from the United Kingdom.
\"Kwara State Technical Committee on COVID-19 sadly confirms two separate cases of COVID-19 in the state.
\"One is the wife of the UITH patient, a UK returnee, who died last Thursday and the other is another UK returnee,\" the statement read.
The government is set to address residents of the state on measures to be taken to tackle the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 / Re: Tiger Tests Positive For Coronavirus In New York by Stephen: 07:27pm On 4 Apr
This may mean that our pets may soon be found to be able to vectors for the Virus

COVID-19 / Tiger Tests Positive For Coronavirus In New York by Stephen: 07:26pm On 4 Apr
bestpunterever : 10:09am
A tiger at New York\'s Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the new coronavirus, in what is believed to be the first known infection in an animal in the United States or a tiger anywhere in the world, federal officials and the zoo said.
The four-year-old Malayan tiger named Nadia was among a group of six other animals to have also fallen ill, the Wildlife Conservation Society, which manages the zoo, said in a statement on Sunday.
She was screened for the COVID-19 disease after developing a dry cough along with three other tigers and three lions, it said, adding that all of the cats are expected to recover.
The test result stunned zoo officials: \"I couldn\'t
believe it,\" director Jim Breheny said. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is believed to have spread from animals to humans, and a handful of animals have tested positive in Hong Kong.
But officials believe this is a unique case because Nadia became sick after exposure to an asymptomatic zoo employee, Paul Calle, chief veterinarian at the Bronx Zoo, told Reuters news agency. Calle said they did not know which employee infected the tiger.
\"This is the first time that any of us know of
anywhere in the world that a person infected the animal and the animal got sick,\" Calle said, adding that they planned to share the findings with other zoos and institutions. \"Hopefully we will all have a better understanding as a result.\"

COVID-19 / Re: Nma, Nard Threaten To Withdraw Services Over Invitation Of Chinese Doctors by Stephen: 07:22pm On 4 Apr
The Chinese will most benefit us more than any harm. How could such a body make this form a threat over this kind of an issue at such critical times. At the point where they mentioned that they are risking their lives, it already suggests they are poorly equipped.

COVID-19 / Nma, Nard Threaten To Withdraw Services Over Invitation Of Chinese Doctors by Stephen: 07:20pm On 4 Apr
by Islie : 8:10pm On Apr 05
The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) have urged the federal government to halt its plan to invite an 18-man Chinese team of medical experts to assist the country in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19).
They described the move as ill-timed and embarrassing, stating it undermines efforts and expertise of frontline healthcare workers risking their lives every day to keep the country safe.
The associations said that they might be forced to review participation and withdraw their members from all public health facilities in the country if the government proceeds with the plans.
The President of the NMA, Dr. Francis Faduyile, made this known in a statement on Sunday in Abuja.
According to him: “The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) received the news of the intention of the Federal Government of Nigeria to invite Chinese doctors into the country at this time of a global pandemic with great dismay and utter disappointment.
“It is a thing of embarrassment to the membership of the Association and other health workers who are giving their best in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic under deplorable working conditions, and a fragile health system to be subjected to the ignominy of not being carried along in arriving at such a decision.
“The lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), grossly inadequate test kits and test centres across the country, and the absolute lack of any form of insurance for the workforce are primordial issues begging for attention at this time.
“We are therefore profoundly dismayed to learn that the Federal Government is instead inviting the Chinese who from available accounts are not out of the woods themselves.
“The NMA would loathe reviewing her participation in the fight against COVID-19 considering the grave implications and the risk to the lives of her members should the Government go ahead with this ill-thought-out invitation at this time.
“The spike in cases and the death toll from COVID -19 in Italy coincided with the arrival of the Chinese in the guise of offering assistance. Even the United Nations has only just recently commended the efforts of Nigeria so far”.
The NMA explains that instead of inviting the Chinese into the country, whatever experiences the they have can be shared by digital technology through conferencing, bearing in mind that Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, has only just returned from China.
It also stressed that the government did not put into consideration the extant laws regulating the practice of medicine in the country, especially when it failed to consult with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigerian (MDCN) to grant necessary approvals to foreigners to interact with Nigerian patients.
“The Association is aware of a large pool of General Medical and Specialist Practitioners who are either unemployed or underemployed that can be engaged instead of bringing foreigners who aside from national security concerns may not be conversant with our culture, terrain and peculiar challenges.
“We are not averse to the donation of equipment and supplies because we can always do with such support as even the developed countries receive support.
“In rejecting the invitation of the Chinese doctors, the NMA would instead urge the Federal Government to review and approve better welfare incentives to the frontline medical personnel.
“The provision of adequate personal protective equipment, opening and properly equipping more isolation centres and health facilities across the country is an excellent first step. Deploying more resources to facilitate testing as we are beginning to witness community transmission of COVID 19 is equally a better application of scarce resources.
“The NMA urges the Government to expand the Presidential Task Force to include other critical stakeholders including journalists and the civil society to ensure more robust engagement especially as the decisions of the task force has implications for the health, wealth and security of our country.
“It is a great disservice to the morale of the long-suffering frontline health workforce if the Government goes ahead to invite these Chinese doctors. The invitation demeans their sacrifices so far in this pandemic. We fail to see how the 18-man team would impact the current efforts in any significant way.
“The Association, however, expects that the Government would rescind the decision in the overall interest of the country”.
President of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), Dr Sokomba Aliyu, in a statement also said: “The Association is in indeed puzzled that the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Health would be contemplating such an adventure without firstly discussing it with the key and relevant stakeholders like the Nigerian Medical Association; our parent body; and all her relevant affiliates that parade some of the world’s best hands in all fields of endeavor.
“We find it rather curious that our Government would contemplate to throw open her international borders to Chinese nationals having watched how similar action in Italy proved socio-economically suicidal.
“Nigeria is about one fifth of the population of the African continent and currently the world has watched with awe, the very slow rate of case fatality arising from COVID 19 in Africa and is yet to understand, explain, covet or undermine that possible genetic advantage.
“The crafty Chinese scientists should the last group of friends to trust at this time given how unreliably and covertly they have managed the information around the pandemic beginning from the data around its origin, characteristics, and other virulence features to help the nations yet to experience the surge to be better prepared.
“We should not lose sight of the fact that conspiracy theories have it that COVID 19 is a possible tool for both sociopolitical and economic manipulation and domination. Nigeria is too important in the African continent to act any carelessly in the face of this emerging but portent threat to human existence.
“NARD shall not contemplate further warning to distance herself from the Chinese adventure by way of withdrawing all her members from every public health facility in Nigeria so that the anticipated downturn in the output of Nigeria’s healthcare service delivery can be properly situated and traceable to the Chinese as is the case today in Italy”.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus: Bauchi Traces 305 Contacts Of Index Case, Others By Opportunes by Stephen: 07:00pm On 4 Apr
: 5:51pm
Bauchi State Government says it is tracing 305 contacts of the index coronavirus case and others reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in the state.
Alh. Baba Tela, Deputy Governor of the state, who is also the Chairman of the State Task Force Committee on COVID-19, made this known in Bauchi on Monday. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Bauchi state has six cases of coronavirus victims confirmed by NCDC. Tela said all the 305 contacts had been located and their samples had been taken to Abuja for evaluation.
“We have been tracing all the contacts from the first index person to the last one reported by the NCDC; we have been tracing 305 contacts. “We have listed all these contacts and they have all been contacted and we have taken all their samples, ” the deputy governor said. Tela, however, said the state government was not satisfied with the length of time it took to get a test done, adding that a sample would have to be taken down to Abuja where people from other states were already on the queue for results of their tests. He added that the state government was working towards having a testing centre in Bauchi state.
Responding to reports published by some online media about the state governor, Bala Mohammad testing negative to the Coronavirus, he said, “We don’t rely on what we hear or what we see on social media. “The governor is doing very well, I’m sure most of you saw him on Skype the other day and yesterday he had a teleconference meeting at the Nigerian Governors Forum.
“It’s exactly two weeks now since he went into self-isolation, and the protocol is for samples to be taken, we don’t rely on what we hear or see on social media or from the reporter of Daily Nigerian if he is here. “We rely on what the NCDC tells us and we have taken the sample and we are waiting for results from the NCDC and unless the result comes from the NCDC, as government, we will not make comments on it,” he said. (NAN)

Crime / Abacha Loot: Uk Backs Us, Opposes Fg’s Plan To Pay Bagudu $110m by Stephen: 06:53pm On 4 Apr
by Islie : 6:29pm
The United Kingdom has joined the United States in resisting a plan by the Nigerian government to give Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu, about $110m (N41.8bn) out of the $155m (N58.9bn) stolen by late dictator, Sani Abacha, Bloomberg reports.
The US, the UK and Nigeria are involved in a dispute over investment portfolios worth $155m traced to Abacha and held in trust for Bagudu and his family.
Nigeria is seeking the approval of a UK court for Nigeria to take ownership of the assets before returning 70 per cent of the proceeds to Bagudu under the terms of a 2018 deal.
Nigeria’s Attorney-General, Abubakar Malami (SAN), has denied ever entering a deal with Bagudu but court papers say otherwise.
The UK government’s National Crime Agency is now “opposing the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s application,” according to a motion filed by Bagudu’s brother, Ibrahim, to the District Court for the District of Columbia in the US capital on March 30.
The US Department of Justice said in February that its Nigerian counterpart is hindering its efforts to recover the allegedly laundered money from the UK.
Bagudu was part of a network controlled by Abacha that “embezzled, misappropriated and extorted billions from the government of Nigeria,” according to the DOJ.
While successive Nigerian governments have repatriated billions of dollars looted by Abacha, who died in office in 1998, the administration of Nigerian President, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), says it’s prevented from assisting America’s ongoing forfeiture efforts by an agreement between Bagudu and a previous government in 2003.
Abacha is estimated to have stolen as much as $5bn during his five-year rule.
That 2003 settlement, which was approved by a UK court, allowed Bagudu to return $163m to Nigeria “without admitting to wrongdoing,” according to US court filings.
In return, the government dropped all outstanding civil and criminal claims against him. Bagudu was elected a senator in 2009 and the governor of Kebbi state six years later.
Five years after the US launched fresh forfeiture proceedings against him, Bagudu and Buhari’s administration struck a new deal in October 2018 to transfer ownership of the investment portfolios to the Nigerian state, which would immediately pay 98.5m euros to the Kebbi governor and his affiliates.
The terms of the updated settlement can’t be implemented while Nigeria’s application in a UK court is pending and a freezing order is still in place, according to a motion by Ibrahim Bagudu, who is entitled to a $100,000 annuity from the funds and is contesting the US confiscation efforts.
Neither the Bagudus nor representatives of the DoJ, NCA, Nigeria’s Attorney General or Ibrahim Bagudu responded to requests for comment.
Although the DoJ and NCA oppose the 2018 settlement, Ibrahim Bagudu and the US government “recently commenced preliminary discussions regarding a potential negotiated resolution to this matter,” according to a motion filed by the US government to the district court on March 13.

Crime / Re: Ilekura Samson Ajayi Is The Soldier Who Killed Joseph Pessu In Warri, Delta by Stephen: 06:49pm On 4 Apr
Joining the army is not a licence to kill people. It may have something to do with the manner in which the Nigerian army was created and used to enforce Colonial laws. The British do not seem to get similar reports from their own army by the way.

Crime / Ilekura Samson Ajayi Is The Soldier Who Killed Joseph Pessu In Warri, Delta by Stephen: 06:47pm On 4 Apr
by MelesZenawi : 10:25am
Identity Of Army Personnel Who Killed Man In Delta Unveiled, Released From Police Custody
The identity of the army personnel, who killed a young man named Joseph Pessu in Delta State while enforcing a stay-at-home order by the state government, has been unveiled, SaharaReporters can report.
Pessu was shot dead by the army personnel around 10:30am on Thursday at Ada Val Arenyenka Street, Ugbuwangue, Warri, Delta State, while trying to purchase medicine for his pregnant wife.
His killing sparked a protest in the community with his enraged friends and kinsmen blocking major roads to express their anger.
Speaking in confidence with SaharaReporters, a senior police officer in the state gave the name of the killer army personnel as Sergeant Ilekura Samson Ajayi of the Nigerian Army 4 Brigade Benin, Edo State, with force number 02NA/52/3134.
According to him, police preliminary investigation showed that Ajayi is attached to Operation Delta Save, 3 Battalion, Nigerian Army, Effurun Barracks, Warri.
Operation Delta Save was launched by the Nigerian military to protect oil installations as well as prevent oil bunkering activities in the Niger Delta region.
“Ajayi was deployed to a company called \'B Coy\' where they are providing security before the ugly incident occurred at the checkpoint where he and others were deployed to on that fateful day.
“I can conveniently tell you that Ajayi is no longer in our facility at the area command, Warri.
“He has since been released from detention and if in doubt challenge the police authority to show him to the press. He has been released to the unit of the Operation Delta Save which he is attached to.
“But his release from our detention to the unit of the Operation Delta Save does not make him a free man or left off the hook of the murder because he will be made to face a disciplinary action. He will be court martialled by the army authority,” the source said.
When contacted to know if the suspect had actually been released from police detention in Warri, the Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, said she had no idea about that.
She said, “Well, for now I don\'t have any more information than his detention. I don\'t know about his being released.”

Politics / Full-text Of Coronavirus Address By President Buhari (with Video) by Stephen: 09:29pm On 3 Mar
1. Fellow Nigerians,
2. From the first signs that Coronavirus, or COVID-19 was turning into an epidemic and was officially declared a world-wide emergency, the Federal Government started planning preventive, containment and curative measures in the event the disease hits Nigeria.
3. The whole instruments of government are now mobilized to confront what has now become both a health emergency and an economic crisis.
4. Nigeria, unfortunately, confirmed its first case on 27th February 2020. Since then, we have seen the number of confirmed cases rise slowly.
5. By the morning of March 29th, 2020, the total confirmed cases within Nigeria had risen to ninety-seven.
6. Regrettably, we also had our first fatality, a former employee of PPMC, who died on 23rd March 2020. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this very difficult time. We also pray for quick recovery for those infected and undergoing treatment.
7. As of today, COVID-19 has no cure. Scientists around the world are working very hard to develop a vaccine.
8. We are in touch with these institutions as they work towards a solution that will be certified by international and local medical authorities within the shortest possible time.
9. For now, the best and most efficient way to avoid getting infected is through regular hygienic and sanitary practices as well as social distancing.
10. As individuals, we remain the greatest weapon to fight this pandemic. By washing our hands regularly with clean water and soap, disinfecting frequently used surfaces and areas, coughing into a tissue or elbow and strictly adhering to infection prevention control measures in health facilities, we can contain this virus.
11. Since the outbreak was reported in China, our Government has been monitoring the situation closely and studying the various responses adopted by other countries.
12. Indeed, the Director General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was one of ten global health leaders invited by the World Health Organisation to visit China and understudy their response approach. I am personally very proud of Dr Ihekweazu for doing this on behalf of all Nigerians.
13. Since his return, the NCDC has been implementing numerous strategies and programs in Nigeria to ensure that the adverse impact of this virus on our country is minimized. We ask all Nigerians to support the work the Federal Ministry of Health and NCDC are doing, led by the Presidential Task Force.
14. Although we have adopted strategies used globally, our implementation programs have been tailored to reflect our local realities.
15. In Nigeria, we are taking a two-step approach.
16. First, to protect the lives of our fellow Nigerians and residents living here and second, to preserve the livelihoods of workers and business owners to ensure their families get through this very difficult time in dignity and with hope and peace of mind.
17. To date, we have introduced healthcare measures, border security, fiscal and monetary policies in our response. We shall continue to do so as the situation unfolds.
18. Some of these measures will surely cause major inconveniences to many citizens. But these are sacrifices we should all be willing and ready to make for the greater good of our country.
19. In Nigeria’s fight against COVID-19, there is no such thing as an overreaction or an under reaction. It is all about the right reaction by the right agencies and trained experts.
20. Accordingly, as a Government, we will continue to rely on guidance of our medical professionals and experts at the Ministry of Health, NCDC and other relevant agencies through this difficult time.
21. I therefore urge all citizens to adhere to their guidelines as they are released from time to time.
22. As we are all aware, Lagos and Abuja have the majority of confirmed cases in Nigeria. Our focus therefore remains to urgently and drastically contain these cases, and to support other states and regions in the best way we can.
23. This is why we provided an initial intervention of fifteen billion Naira (N15b) to support the national response as we fight to contain and control the spread.
24. We also created a Presidential Task Force (PTF) to develop a workable National Response Strategy that is being reviewed on a daily basis as the requirements change. This strategy takes international best practices but adopts them to suit our unique local circumstances.
25. Our goal is to ensure all States have the right support and manpower to respond immediately.
26. So far, in Lagos and Abuja, we have recruited hundreds of ad-hoc staff to man our call centers and support our tracing and testing efforts.
27. I also requested, through the Nigeria Governors Forum, for all State Governments to nominate Doctors and Nurses who will be trained by the NCDC and Lagos State Government on tactical and operational response to the virus in case it spreads to other states.
28. This training will also include medical representatives from our armed forces, paramilitary and security and intelligence agencies.
29. As a nation, our response must be guided, systematic and professional. There is a need for consistency across the nation. All inconsistencies in policy guidelines between Federal and State agencies will be eliminated.
30. As I mentioned earlier, as at this morning we had ninety-seven confirmed cases. Majority of these are in Lagos and Abuja. All the confirmed cases are getting the necessary medical care.
31. Our agencies are currently working hard to identify cases and people these patients have been in contact with.
32. The few confirmed cases outside Lagos and Abuja are linked to persons who have travelled from these centres.
33. We are therefore working to ensure such inter state and intercity movements are restricted to prevent further spread.
34. Based on the advice of the Federal Ministry of Health and the NCDC, I am directing the cessation of all movements in Lagos and the FCT for an initial period of 14 days with effect from 11pm on Monday, 30th March 2020. This restriction will also apply to Ogun State due to its close proximity to Lagos and the high traffic between the two States.
35. All citizens in these areas are to stay in their homes. Travel to or from other states should be postponed. All businesses and offices within these locations should be fully closed during this period.
36. The Governors of Lagos and Ogun States as well as the Minister of the FCT have been notified. Furthermore, heads of security and intelligence agencies have also been briefed.
37. We will use this containment period to identify, trace and isolate all individuals that have come into contact with confirmed cases. We will ensure the treatment of confirmed cases while restricting further spread to other States.
38. This order does not apply to hospitals and all related medical establishments as well as organizations in health care related manufacturing and distribution.
39. Furthermore, commercial establishments such as;
a. food processing, distribution and retail companies;
b. petroleum distribution and retail entities,
c. power generation, transmission and distribution companies; and
d. private security companies are also exempted.
40. Although these establishments are exempted, access will be restricted and monitored.
41. Workers in telecommunication companies, broadcasters, print and electronic media staff who can prove they are unable to work from home are also exempted.
42. All seaports in Lagos shall remain operational in accordance with the guidelines I issued earlier. Vehicles and drivers conveying essential cargoes from these Ports to other parts of the country will be screened thoroughly before departure by the Ports Health Authority.
43. Furthermore, all vehicles conveying food and other essential humanitarian items into these locations from other parts of the country will also be screened thoroughly before they are allowed to enter these restricted areas.
44. Accordingly, the Hon. Minister of Health is hereby directed to redeploy all Port Health Authority employees previously stationed in the Lagos and Abuja Airports to key roads that serve as entry and exit points to these restricted zones.
45. Movements of all passenger aircraft, both commercial and private jets, are hereby suspended. Special permits will be issued on a needs basis.
46. We are fully aware that such measures will cause much hardship and inconvenience to many citizens. But this is a matter of life and death, if we look at the dreadful daily toll of deaths in Italy, France and Spain.
47. However, we must all see this as our national and patriotic duty to control and contain the spread of this virus. I will therefore ask all of us affected by this order to put aside our personal comfort to safeguard ourselves and fellow human beings. This common enemy can only be controlled if we all come together and obey scientific and medical advice.
48. As we remain ready to enforce these measures, we should see this as our individual contribution in the war against COVID-19. Many other countries have taken far stricter measures in a bid to control the spread of the virus with positive results.
49. For residents of satellite and commuter towns and communities around Lagos and Abuja whose livelihoods will surely be affected by some of these restrictive measures, we shall deploy relief materials to ease their pains in the coming weeks.
50. Furthermore, although schools are closed, I have instructed the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to work with State Governments in developing a strategy on how to sustain the school feeding program during this period without compromising our social distancing policies. The Minister will be contacting the affected States and agree on detailed next steps.
51. Furthermore, I have directed that a three month repayment moratorium for all TraderMoni, MarketMoni and FarmerMoni loans be implemented with immediate effect.
52. I have also directed that a similar moratorium be given to all Federal Government funded loans issued by the Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture and the Nigeria Export Import Bank.
53. For on-lending facilities using capital from international and multilateral development partners, I have directed our development financial institutions to engage these development partners and negotiate concessions to ease the pains of the borrowers.
54. For the most vulnerable in our society, I have directed that the conditional cash transfers for the next two months be paid immediately. Our Internally displaced persons will also receive two months of food rations in the coming weeks.
55. We also call on all Nigerians to take personal responsibility to support those who are vulnerable within their communities, helping them with whatever they may need.
56. As we all pray for the best possible outcome, we shall continue planning for all eventualities.
57. This is why I directed that all Federal Government Stadia, Pilgrims camps and other facilities be converted to isolation centers and makeshift hospitals.
58. My fellow Nigerians, as a Government, we will avail all necessary resources to support the response and recovery. We remain committed to do whatever it takes to confront COVID-19 in our country.
59. We are very grateful to see the emerging support of the private sector and individuals to the response as well as our development partners.
60. At this point, I will ask that all contributions and donations be coordinated and centralized to ensure efficient and impactful spending. The Presidential Task Force remains the central coordinating body on the COVID-19 response.
61. I want to assure you all that Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies with a role to play in the outbreak response are working hard to bring this virus under control.
62. Every nation in the world is challenged at this time. But we have seen countries where citizens have come together to reduce the spread of the virus.
63. I will therefore implore you again to strictly comply with the guidelines issued and also do your bit to support Government and the most vulnerable in your communities.
64. I will take this opportunity to thank all our public health workforce, health care workers, port health authorities and other essential staff on the frontlines of the response for their dedication and commitment. You are true heroes.
65. I thank you all for listening. May God continue to bless and protect us all.
President Muhammadu Buhari
29th March 2020.

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Health / The Lessons On Handling Covid-19 Are Already In China by Stephen: 09:56am On 3 Mar
Let us humbly call on Chinese expertise to handle our outbreak, I don\'t see any plans we have developed yet.

Health / Lessons On Covid From The Bubonic Plague by Stephen: 08:19pm On 3 Mar
The Bubonic plague wiped out nearly half of the European population when it occured. Globalization was not yet a thing and it may have not had significant impacts on Africa. However for Covid there may be significant lessons to be learnt such as :
The sudden end of the Pandemic by a natural event. Which was winter for the bubonic plague. I encourage. I also calll against irresponsible commercialization when a cure is found and a continued effort for preparedness against such a sudden outbreak that could wipe out humanity in the next x thousand years. But then again how did it start, was it a mere mutation of an already existing species of Coronavirus or a leak from a lab or maybe like speculations suggest, downright intentional was some how initiated only a year ago or less.

Health / Re: Corona Virus Updates by Stephen: 12:05pm On 3 Mar
*The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are:*



Dry cough

Difficultly in breathing.

*Some patients may have:*

Aches and pains

Nasal congestion

Runny nose

Sore throat


These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually

Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don\'t feel unwell.

Health / Re: Corona Virus Updates by Stephen: 12:04pm On 3 Mar
*Personal preventive measures to take for COVID-19*

Wash your hands frequently with soap or alcohol based sanitizers.

Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose

Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze

Stay more than 1 meter (3 feet) away from a person who is sick

Follow proper food hygiene practices

Put on a mask if you are ill with COVID-19 symptoms (especially coughing) or looking after someone who may have COVID-19.

Follow proper respiratory hygiene.

Avoid crowded places.

Avoid traveling to COVID 19 hot-spots

*Travels returning from affected areas should* :

Avoid traveling if you are diabetic or elderly .

Be quarantined for symptoms for at least 14 days .

If symptoms occur, such as fever, or cough or difficulty breathing, travellers are advised to contact local health care providers.

Health / Re: Corona Virus Updates by Stephen: 12:02pm On 3 Mar
Nigerian banks First Bank and UBA have tried to put in some majors at their branches. We will try to check execution

Health / Re: Corona Virus Updates by Stephen: 11:52am On 3 Mar
The NCDC twitter handle @NCDCgov seems like the most reliable way to communicate with them. is their website.

Health / Re: Corona Virus Updates by Stephen: 11:49am On 3 Mar
We will be posting information only from verified sources to keep you well informed.

Health / Corona Virus Updates by Stephen: 11:40am On 3 Mar
On this thread, let us post reliably sourced information on the Corona Virus Outbreak!

Health / We Are Waiting For \\ by Stephen: 05:26am On 3 Mar
Many years after independence, it is quite interesting that instead of using proactive measures, the Presidency Visa procession at the USA(how do you want to get forex?), suspends flights from China(just the way they blocked the national borders). Insteas of finding real solutions like a Vaccine through research and development in the numerous health Facilities at our Universities or even funding Research and Development at Worldwide top research institutes. The Presidency is taking steps that may further slow an Economy that is almost grounded and may even be interpreted as hostile by the nation\\\'s involved. \\r\\nWhile precautions are necessary, strict checks of passengers before take off and after arrival ought to be enough.

9jaforums / General / Re: How I(you) Play A Role In Nigeria\'s Downfall by Stephen: 07:42pm On 3 Mar
I have not circulated enough the little info I have that can help

9jaforums / General / Re: How I(you) Play A Role In Nigeria\'s Downfall by Stephen: 07:42pm On 3 Mar
I have not raised the issue enough on whether equal voting rights is applicable to Nigeria, especially after a war was waged on and my section of the country depopulated.

9jaforums / General / Re: How I(you) Play A Role In Nigeria\'s Downfall by Stephen: 07:42pm On 3 Mar
I have not raised the issue enough on whether equal voting rights is applicable to Nigeria, especially after a war was waged on and my section of the country depopulated.

9jaforums / General / Re: How I(you) Play A Role In Nigeria\'s Downfall by Stephen: 07:40pm On 3 Mar
I have spent about 3 years at my University and not bothered to finalise the process for obtaining my University Library Card.

9jaforums / General / Re: How I(you) Play A Role In Nigeria\'s Downfall by Stephen: 07:39pm On 3 Mar
My teacher taught some concepts and I did not do enough to understand them fundamentally.

9jaforums / General / How I(you) Play A Role In Nigeria\'s Downfall by Stephen: 07:38pm On 3 Mar
On this thread I\\\'ll be adding commissions and ommisions on my part that continue to plague Nigeria. Add yours and let\\\'s make Nigeria better.

Education / The Roles Nigerian Universities Will Play In Global Technology 50 Years From Now by Stephen: 07:57pm On 3 Mar
I will create a thread here for fun in which I will compare Nigerian technology and Engineering Faculties to the IITs 50 years after they were founded and try to project their prospects 50 years from now in in technology, comparing them to the IITs 100 years after they were founded. I will use assumptions that all man are equipotent wherever they find themselves on the earth and also try to factor in Aceeleration due to the internet as well as on the ground realities. Stay tuned to this thread.

9jaforums / General / Talk It Out! by Stephen: 07:27pm On 3 Mar
Today I ho normally resolves all my issues with people through counter actions decided to let my neighbors know every feeling I had. I stopped my neighbor from pouring my wash water to take my bucket just by letting him know ahead, stopped a possible dispute at the tap by negotiating. My point is that Nigerians may need to have big conversations, the herdsmen, boko haram and the rest of us, to negotiate things and maybe find lasting solutions.

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Culture / The Fading by Stephen: 08:48pm On 3 Mar
These days blaming our village people with spiritual connotations for ill fortune is becoming a joke unlike in the the not too distant past when \"scheming neighbours\" with supernatural means were blamed for every I\'ll fortune. It will be interesting to see if it swings Nigeria out of superstition maybe further in eventually.

Culture / Nigeria\'s Unnecessary Killings For Spiritual Reasons by Stephen: 08:38pm On 3 Mar
Imagine that most of the massacres by Issakaba for spiritual excuses, the lynching of child witches and all the likes were all unnecessary. Well, this is probably the reality.

Celebrities / Re: Newsngozi Okonjo-iweala Reacts To Comments By Nigerians On Her Appointment As Member South African E by Stephen: 06:36am On 3 Mar

Celebrities / Newsngozi Okonjo-iweala Reacts To Comments By Nigerians On Her Appointment As Member South African E by Stephen: 06:35am On 3 Mar
NEWSNgozi Okonjo-Iweala reacts to comments by Nigerians on her appointment as member South African EACPublished 2 days ago on March 9, 2020By Seun Opejobi

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former Nigerian Minister of Finance, has reacted to accolades by Nigerians on her appointment as a member of the South African Economic Advisory Council, EAC.

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa had named Okonjo-Iweala, an ex-Managing Director, Operations of World Bank, as a member of his country’s, EAC.

Ramaphosa heads the council which comprises local and international gurus.

Following her appointment, several Nigerians like former President Goodluck Jonathan, ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar among others had commended Okonjo-Iweala on her new appointment.

However, the former Nigerian Finance Minister, who took to her verified Twitter handle wrote: “I am grateful for the outpouring of love and support from Nigerians and other friends on my appointment by President @CyrilRamaphosa as a member of the South African PEAC. I appreciate Your Excellencies and all my friends and followers.”

Politics / Why Oil Prices Are Crashing And What It Means by Stephen: 09:05pm On 3 Mar
by Macsjebs(m): 10:23pm On Mar 09
Oil prices have suffered their biggest fall since the day in 1991 when American forces launched air strikes on Iraqi troops following their invasion of Kuwait.

Monday\'s crash spooked markets that were already freaking out about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy and demand for oil. Brent crude futures, the global oil benchmark, were down 22%, last trading at $35.45 per barrel. US oil is trading at $33.15 per barrel, a decline of nearly 20%.

Here are five things you need to know:

Why are oil prices crashing?
Saudi Arabia, the world\'s top exporter, launched a price war over the weekend. The move followed the implosion of an alliance between the OPEC cartel, led by Saudi Arabia, and Russia

The kingdom and Russia came together to form the so-called OPEC+ alliance in 2016 after oil prices plunged to $30 a barrel. Since then, the two leading exporters have orchestrated supply cuts of 2.1 million barrels per day. Saudi Arabia wanted to increase that number to 3.6 million barrels through 2020 to take account of weaker consumption.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin, worried about ceding too much ground to American oil producers, refused to go along with the plan and his energy minister, Alexander Novak on Friday signaled a fierce battle to come for market share when he said countries could produce as much as they please from April 1.

Why did Saudi launch a price war?
Simmering differences over how best to manage global oil markets spilled into the open at a meeting between OPEC and Russia in Vienna on Friday. After Russia said it was ditching the alliance, Saudi Arabia warned it would live to regret the decision, sources who attended the meeting told CNN Business.

Moscow had become tired of cutting production to stabilize prices and felt that the policy of supply restraint gave more room for US shale companies to grow. Mikhail Leontiev, a spokesperson for Russian state oil company Rosneft, described the OPEC+ deal as \"masochism.\"

\"By yielding our own markets, we remove cheap Arab and Russian oil to clear a place for expensive US shale oil and ensure the effectiveness of its production,\" he told Russian state media on Sunday.

America has become the number one oil producer in the world and is expected to pump about 13 million barrels a day in the first quarter of this year.

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia decided to fight for greater market share by slashing the prices its preferred customers pay by between $4-$7 a barrel. The kingdom is also reportedly planning to lift production to over 10 million barrels a day.

What does coronavirus have to do with all of this?
The coronavirus has undermined energy demand worldwide, but especially in China, which is now the number one importer of crude oil, guzzling roughly 10 million barrels a day.

Factories have been idled and thousands of flights canceled around the world as the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, has become a global pandemic.

The International Energy Agency said Monday that it expects demand will contract this year for the first time since the recession in 2009 that followed the global financial crisis.

Which countries will be hurt the most?
A price war in the face of collapsing demand is not a recipe for oil stability.

It is difficult to see any winners: the major oil producing countries will lose money regardless of the market share they can claw back. Russia claims to be the most insulated to lower prices because its annual budget is based on an average price of roughly $40 a barrel. US sanctions have forced it to become more efficient.

The Gulf countries produce oil at the lowest cost — estimated at $2-$6 a barrel in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates — but due to high government spending and generous subsidies for citizens, they need a price in the range of $70 a barrel or higher to balance their budgets.

Oil dependent states that have suffered from years of conflict, uprisings or sanctions will pay the heaviest price. Iraq, Iran, Libya and Venezuela all belong in that category. But the United States won\'t escape either. The shale oil boom has brought with it an economic windfall for some states, and low prices will hurt oil companies.

Will it have an impact on consumers?
Big importing nations such as China, India and Germany could get some much needed relief from falling energy bills.

And consumers benefit in general from lower oil prices and the resulting decline in gas prices at the pump, especially in the United States where retail markets react more directly to supply and demand. Taxes and surcharges make up a higher share of pump prices in Europe, so the effect is less marked.

But any reduction in gas prices will likely be outweighed by the dislocation to the economy caused by the coronavirus led slowdown in global growth.

Then there\'s the impact this price war will have on US oil producers and energy jobs in states such as Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and North Dakota, who have enjoyed a boom over the last decade.

Education / Jamb Recommended Novel: \"independence\" by Stephen: 06:44pm On 3 Mar
There was a JAMB recommended novel, Independence. While it is controversial to compell 1 million Jambites to buy a book at over 1k, I is even more controversial that most of the Igbo Characters seemed to be portrayed in bad light. Not good at all

Child Care / Mom Sings Particular Song To Child by Stephen: 10:01am On 3 Mar
One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, I went to a shop charge my appliances. While there, the mother later started singing this song to her baby boy. \"Onye ndα»‹ eba, onye ndα»‹ eba...\" , I hear these things stick to the children when they grow. 😁

9jaforums / General / Re: Buhari’s $22.7 Billion Loan Spending Plan: $1.25bn For Abuja Rail, $500m For Nta by Stephen: 08:21pm On 3 Mar
Hopefully the digitisation of NTA will go beyond getting a single HD camera and posting videos on YouTube πŸ˜†

9jaforums / General / Buhari’s $22.7 Billion Loan Spending Plan: $1.25bn For Abuja Rail, $500m For Nta by Stephen: 08:20pm On 3 Mar
The senate has approved President Muhammadu Buhari’s $22.7 billion loan request — years after it was rejected by the previous assembly.
At its plenary session on Thursday, the upper legislative chamber approved the 2016-2018 external borrowing plan which the president said would be used for critical projects across the country.
TheCable understands Nigeria’s public debt profile stands at N26.215 trillion as of September 2019.
According to a document accompanying the president’s request, the fresh loan is for about 35 projects, many of which are infrastructural.
The document which was obtained by TheCable, also shows a part of the money will be used for new projects while others will go into already existing projects.
Over 70 percent of the loan will come from the Exim Bank of China, while the remaining funds will come from the World Bank, Africa Development Bank among others.
Here are the institutions the loan is being requested:
Exim Bank of China ($17bn)
World Bank ($2.95bn)
Africa Development Bank ($1.88bn)
Islamic Development Bank ($110m)
Japan International Cooperation Agency ($200m).
German Development Bank ($20m)
French Development Agency ($480m
Here is how the Buhari administration plans to spend the loan and where the projects are located as contained in the document:
– Emergency road rehabilitation and maintenance ($434.7m, nationwide)
– Abidjan-Lagos corridor highway development project study ($1.5m; multinational) – Abuja mass rail transit project (phase 2) ($1.25bn; FCT)
– East-west road ($800m; Niger Delta)
– Nigeria Housing Finance Project Guarantee Scheme ($100m; national)
– Lagos-Kano railway modernisation project (Ibadan-Kano segment double track) ($5.53bn; Ibadan-Kano states)
– Railway modernisation coastal railway project (Calabar-Port Harcourt-Onne deep sea port segment ($3.47bn; Cross River and Rivers states)
– National Social Safety Net Project ($500m, nationwide)
– Multi-sectoral crises recovery programme ($200m, north-east)
– North-east Nigeria integrated social protection, basic health, education, nutrition services and livelihood restoration project ($100m; north-east)
– Power transmission project ($200m; Lagos, Ogun)
– Vocational training in power sector ($50m; FCT, Lagos, Ogun. Kano, Plateau, Niger, Enugu, Kaduna and Cross River)
– TCN overall transportation system enhancement project ($200m; nationwide)
– Mambila hydro-electric power project ($4.8bn; Taraba)
– Nigeria Electricity Transmission and Access Project ($364m; nationwide)
– Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) ($500m, nationwide)
– Development finance project ($500m, nationwide)
– Kaduna state economic transformation program for results ($35m, Kaduna)
– Development finance project (2) ($450m, min. of power)
– Development finance project (3) ($20m, nationwide)
– MSMEs project ($1.28bn; nationwide)
– NTA digitisation project ($500m; nationwide)
– National Information and Communication Technology Infrastructural Backbone Project (NICTIB) phase II ($328.1m; Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Akure, Maiduguri, Lokoja, Kaduna, Akwanga, Bauchi, Kano, Katsina)
– Staple crops processing zone support project ($100m, Kogi)
– Agriculture Transformation Agenda Support Project II (ATASP) ($200m, nationwide)
– Staple crops processing zone projects (2) (500m; nationwide)
– Regional disease surveillance systems enhancement project in West Africa ($90m, nationwide)
– Health System Project ($110m, Katsina)
– Rural water supply and sanitation ($150m; north-east, and Plateau)
– Greater Abuja water supply project ($381m; FCT)
– Fiscal Governance and Institutions Project (FGIP) ($200m, government institutions)
– Institutional strengthening and implementation of policy reforms ($33.7m, min. of works and housing)
– Lake Chad Basin Commission ($13m, multinational)
– Integrated programme for development and adaption to climate change in the Niger Basin ($6m; Nigeria and Niger)
– Development of the mining industry ($150m, nationwide)

Business / Ariara International Market Aba Flooded After First Rain (photo) by Stephen: 09:14pm On 3 Mar
by EBMedia : 5:31pm
Below is a photo of Ariara Market Aba partly engulfed by flood partially

Politics / Osinbajo Visits Ebonyi State, Received By Governor Umahi by Stephen: 09:01pm On 3 Mar
(Photos) by Wisdomkosi ( m ): 6:48pm
JUST IN!!! Osinbajo Storms Ebonyi State(Photos)
By Wisdom Nwedene
The Vice-president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, stormed Ebonyi State on Thursday for the flag-off of National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Clinic at Christain Ecumenical Center, Abakaliki.
Igbere TV reports that Osinbajo was received by
the Governor of Ebonyi State, David Nweze Umahi.
Details soon......
Source :

Health / Coronavirus: Nigeria And Japan Sign $18.2m Deal by Stephen: 02:56pm On 3 Mar
siwhoh ( m ): 1:38pm
The Nigerian Government has signed a $18.2m grant agreement with Japan to strengthen the capacity of network laboratories of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control for accurate medical and laboratory investigations.
The Nation reports that Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Ikanade Agba, signed the agreement on behalf of Nigeria.
Agba praised the Japanese Government for fulfilling the promise made by Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, to Nigeria at the TICAD 7 Conference in Tokyo, last year.
Agba described the signing of the grant agreement as “timely”, against the backdrop of the recent outbreak of “the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that has become a global concern and every country is doing its best to protect its territory and citizenry.”
The minister said that the initiative would help complement the efforts and commitment of the Nigerian Government in the fight against infectious diseases.
He reassured the Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Yutaka Kikuta, who signed on behalf of the Japanese Government, of Nigeria’s commitment to creating an enabling environment to sustain the relationship between the two countries as well as the economic development of the Nigerian nation.
Kikuta said the grant Agreement was to support the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to strengthen its surveillance of infectious diseases and improve its capacity for early responses to public health concerns in Nigeria.
The locations, according to him, are the Central Public Health Laboratory in Lagos; LUTH Virology Laboratory; National Hospital, Abuja; University College Hospital, Ibadan; University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu; Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State; UBTH, Benin; and University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

Politics / Abubakar Shekau: Us Offers $7m Bounty For The Capture Of Boko Haram Leader by Stephen: 02:54pm On 3 Mar
by GamalNasser :
The US Department of State has announced a $7 million reward to anyone that can provide credible information that will lead to the arrest of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau.
The Deparment made this known in a tweet posted some hours ago. The tweet reads
The United States Department of State offers a #reward of up to $7 million for information leading to the arrest of #terrorist Abubakar #Shekau , leader of #Boko_Haram . #Whatsapp : +1 202 975 9195 #Telegram :
The Deparment made this known in a tweet posted some hours ago. The tweet reads
Source :

Engineering / Re: World Engineering Day by Stephen: 02:05pm On 3 Mar
Item 7 confirmed 😁

Engineering / World Engineering Day by Stephen: 02:03pm On 3 Mar
World Federation of Engineering Organisation, WEFO in collaboration with the NSE are organising a World Engineering Day at the New Engineering Annex at UNN. Join us.

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